"Freedom martial Arts are to be commended for their hard work with our children and adults and their timeless efforts to train and build character. Their programs are well diverse with flexible schedule throughout the week. The instructors and owners are motivated as you are welcomed in as a family. FMA not only teaches Tae Kwon Do techniques and forms, but instills confidence and character to their students."  -- Sharon

"I have watched my daughter learn over the past few months. She has learned not only about Tae Kwon Do, but also how to be more disciplined and respectful. The Altizer family has been extremely supportive of her growth and continue to help with flexible schedule and encouragement. I have now started taking classes and enjoy the atmosphere and experience with everyone at FMA. They open their doors and heartsand welcome your entire family."  -- Ashley

"When my son Zach started at FMA shortly after it opened, we had no idea how much it would come to mean to us. Since starting his martial arts, Zach has been an honor roll student on the all A honor roll. We as a family have really come to think of FMA as our second family. We have made good friends and watched Zach really advance into a very good competitor on the sports team, even competing at AAU Nationals this year. We wouldn't want anyone working with Zach other than Master Altizer as he works towards his dream of making it to the US National team. FMA is a great place for the entire family, filled with many great people We love FMA!" -- Mark

"From the very first phone call when I had first contacted FMA, I found it to be a wonderful, welcoming experience not only for my grandson, but our entire family!! I can never express how much it has meant to us all!! To see my grandson grow in discipline and confidence - respect and concentration has been a thrill!! The classes, the entire atmosphere is so very encouraging and the team spirit better than I could have hoped it would be!! I believe not only has my grandson gained so much and ENJOY THE CLASSES as well - but our family has found a focus and friends that has enriched the life of our family in so many ways!! It truly is the best present I could have given them!" -- Mary

"I came to FMA because my son was being bullied and I wanted him to know how to handle it when that happened. He found so much more. His grades have improved in school. He has joined both the sports team and demo team. He has not only found friends, but we have both found another family. I have gained just as much from FMA as my child has. I would recommend FMA to anyone." --Amie

"Freedom Martial Arts has brought family time to us. It has helped with our physical abilities and our health. It has helped my child to follow instructions and to be more attentive. My child is a very active child, and it has helped to calm him. It has helped in teaching him discipline while helping him achieve his goals. Mr. Altizer and his family have been a great teacher to our son and we thank them for all they do. --Kim

"We started John Michael in Tae Kwon Do ay Freedom Martial Arts about two years ago. Honestly, it was the best decision we have ever made. After about six months, I watched a little boy grow into a little man. He shows more dedication to this than I've ever seen. Master Altizer has coached my son into an athlete who tells everyone he is competeing in the 2024 Olympics. He states this with absolute conviction, and my husband and I believe that Master Altizer can get him there. Go big or go home." --Leslie